SU Online Information

SUOnline is a secure web based, self-service system that provides students with access to their academic profile, online class registration, course schedules, financial information, and other related tasks. SUOnline can be accessed at:

SU Online utilizes your email login and password. To reset your email password visit


Download instructions for registering and wait listing for classes on SUOnline.

Problems or Questions

If you have difficulty using SUOnline during registration, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • If your problem occurs during business hours: Please call us at 206.398.4150. It is easier to work through the problem if we can speak to you on the phone, while you are online.
  • If your problem occurs after business hours, or if the phone line is busy: Please send us an email at Include your name, student ID and the class(es) you are trying to register for. Describe the problem you are having. If you are receiving an error message, please cut and paste it into your email.

It's critical that you contact us immediately when you have a registration problem. We may not be able to reply immediately, but we'll use the date and time of your message to determine registration and waitlist statuses.


Restrictions will be placed on your student account if you have failed to pay a balance due, or have failed to take an important action required by the School of Law or another Seattle University department. Restrictions can prevent you from registering for classes. You can view any restrictions on your account by going to SUOnline and choosing Student restrictions from the Registration section of the Student menu. If you have a restriction, you must contact the department that placed the restriction. Until that department lifts the restriction you will not be allowed to register. The Office of the Registrar will not remove restrictions placed by other departments, will not override restrictions, and will not reserve seats for students with restrictions.