2012-2013 Events

The Story of Jason Puracal,
a Tacoma Native, vindicated in Nicaragua

October 22, 2012
Noon - 12:50 p.m. 
Sullivan Hall, Room C5
Presented with: the International Human Rights Clinic, and
Social Justice Mondays

Jason Puracal was wrongfully convicted in Nicaragua of money laundering and drug trafficking despite conclusive evidence of his innocence. The trial proceedings were rife with violations of Nicaraguan and international law, and he suffered abuses of basic human rights during his detention.  His story was followed by CNN, the Today Show, and many other major media outlets.  Now he is finally home, and will speak about the pervasive criminal justice problems in Nicaragua and urge institutional and legal reform in that country.  The School of Law's International Human Rights Clinic is currently advising him on international legal strategies for redress.

When you hear the word Cuba, the iconic faces of Ché Guévara and Fidel Castro, Hemingway smoking cigars or drinking rum on a beach, classic cars and beautiful architecture may come to mind. But what about actual Cuban citizens who live and make their home there? Daisy Rojas offers a rare insight into the daily lives of Cubans under the American embargo. She will discuss her experience as an organizer at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center, a popular education nonprofit in Havana. In so doing, she will highlight gender issues, the connection between church & state in Cuba, and the state of reforms under Raul Castro.

Daisy Rojas-Gómez is one of the founders of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center, where she acts as Coordinator for international delegations. She has worked alongside Witness for Peace and other international organizations facilitating programs that help visitors learn about the Cuban reality.

Building Bridges with 21st-Century Cuba
with Daisy Rojas-Gómez
Thursday, October 18, 2012
6-8 p.m., Wyckoff Auditorium at Seattle University
Co-sponsored by:  Latin America Program, Seattle University School of Law