Estimated Cost for Madrid Program

The figures illustrated below reflect the estimated 2018 program expenses. A program deposit of $500 is due with your application by March 9, 2018. The deposit is nonrefundable.  It will be deducted from your total charges.

Tuition and program fees are due Friday, June 29, 2018. This deadline does not apply to students on financial aid. If using financial aid, please contact Student Financial Services at 206.398.4250 or through email at Non-SU students, please contact your financial services office to begin the consortium agreement process and to have verification that if you are receiving financial aid it will be processed before you return from the program.

Paid to Seattle University: Deposit, Tuition, Program Fee, & Study Abroad Insurance (see details below).

Additional Expenses (student controlled): Any other expenses, including but not limited to travel, meals, and housing, are estimates and are to be arranged independently by you and will not be paid to or by the school. 

2018 Estimated Program Expenses (2 weeks)

$3,225.00   $1,075.00 x 3 credits

Deposit Fee
$500.00 Non refundable deposit (will go towards the tuition costs)

Program Fee
$285.00 Fee includes guest speakers, course materials, field trips, and some meals.

$500.00 This is an estimate for a two-week rental with a group of students. Prices vary.  

$490.00 $35/day x 14 days (estimate).

Study Abroad Insurance Plan

The two-week rate of $20.28 is not included in the program fee. This is a separate billing as Seattle University does not receive these fees.  Extension of coverage beyond one month is available in case you secure an internship or externship outside the U.S. before or after the program. The rates are 

$20.28 (1-2 weeks); $32.76 (3 weeks); $43.68 (4 weeks); or, $54.60 (5 weeks). Contact Dario Ogaz, Specialist, Education Abroad Office for more information.

~ $700.00 -$1200.00  This is an estimate based on local departure and arrival arrangements. 

TOTAL $ 6,020.28 (estimated total includes tuition and program fees, and estimated housing, meals and airfare).

Budget an additional $500 or more for amenities such as laundry, local transportation, entertainment, sidetrips, etc.