Moot Court Coaches are absolutely essential to the success of Seattle University's Regional Moot Court Competitors. This is a great opportunity for practitioners to impart real world experience to students who have not had a chance to practice their skills in a real world environment. Coaches commit to training students at least twice a week in the months leading up to a regional or national competition. They then travel to the competition with the students to provide on-site coaching. The Moot Court Board is in debt to the dedicated women and men who continue to offer their time as coaches.

If you are interested in volunteering your time as a Seattle University Moot Court Board coach, please contact the In-House Competition Chair.


Competition judges are always needed and are greatly appreciated!

The success of Moot Court events at the Seattle University School of Law depends upon the active participation of the King, Snohomish, and Pierce County attorney community. Members of the bar make the program successful by judging competitions, advising and coaching regional and national teams, and by hosting workshops on oral and written advocacy at the Law School. As an educational venture, the Moot Court program at the Law School greatly benefits from the wisdom and perspective of actual practitioners.

A typical evening competition round lasts from 3 to 4 hours, during which judges have the opportunity to watch and then critique Moot Court participants. Judges are provided summary materials - including a bench brief - prior to the competition; no particularized knowledge of a specific area of law is required to judge. Judges serve on three-person panels, providing an opportunity to interact with peers in the legal community.

We hope that you will take a look at our competition schedule for this academic year and volunteer your time.

For more information or to register to be a judge, call the Moot Court Board office at (206) 398-4345 or e-mail our Chair.

CLE Information

The Moot Court Board is able to award Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits to judges, provided that there is a half hour educational component involved. For some competitions, this is done through an on-line video presentation; for other competitions, we have a half hour discussion of the problem immediately prior to judging. Judges earn one CLE credit for each hour of judging, plus a half credit for the educational component. A sign-up sheet for CLE credits is available at check-in for each competition, and the sheet is then sent to the WSBA.

The WSBA allows up to six credits for Moot Court judging during the three-year period in which a practicing lawyer is expected to earn a total of 45 CLE credits. Judges may not earn more than three credits per competition. This means that attorneys reach the maximum of six credits after only a few competitions. There is no penalty for signing up for more credits, but the WSBA will not acknowledge them. We welcome and encourage judges to volunteer for more than six hours of judging, we just cannot offer credits for their additional contribution.

For more information, please call the Moot Court Board office at (206) 398-4345 or e-mail our Chair.