Korematsu Center

Chapel Reflection


Sometimes advocacy work requires the bang of a judge's gavel and that's where our litigation efforts come into play. We've sued the state of Arizona on behalf of high school students and we've defended a physician who was unjustly terminated from his job. Read more about our work in the courtroom here.

Arizona Ethnic Studies Case

The Seattle University School of Law Civil Rights Amicus Clinic represented high school students in challenging Arizona statute used to dismantle successful Mexican American Studies Program in the Tucson Unified School District. 

The Civil Rights Amicus Brief Project

The Korematsu Center is engaged in drafting, as well as signing on to, amicus briefs on cutting-edge issues facing the courts. In this project, the Center is particularly committed to the process of democratizing the courts—ensuring that the voices of those affected by the courts' decisions are heard. 

Civil Rights and Amicus Clinic

The Civil Rights Amicus Clinic allows students to work on important, interesting civil rights issues pending before state and federal appeals courts. The clinic is taught by faculty associated with the Law School's Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality, including Professors Lorraine Bannai and Charlotte Garden, and Staff Attorney Jessica Levin.