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Mailing Address

Seattle University School of Law
Sullivan Hall
901 12th Avenue
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090

Administrative Office Directory

Administrators and staff of the School of Law are eager to answer your questions. Here are some key contacts at the law school.

Department Phone E-mail
Academic Resource Center 206.398.4032 lawarc@seattleu.edu
Access to Justice Institute 206.398.4173 atji@seattleu.edu
Admission 206.398.4200 lawadmis@seattleu.edu
Alumni 206.398.4600 lawalumni@seattleu.edu
Business Office 206.398.4050 lawbusinessoff@seattleu.edu
Center for Professional Development 206.398.4100 lawcareers@seattleu.edu
Law Clinic 206.398.4130 lawclinic@seattleu.edu
Communications 206.398.4108 chingt@seattleu.edu
Continuing Legal Education 206.398.4092 oneilr@seattleu.edu
Copy Center 206.398.4053 cparsons@seattleu.edu
Dean's Office 206.398.4300 ketchumd@seattleu.edu
Event Administration 206.398.4281 dossa@seattleu.edu
Externship Program 206.398.4128 leblancj@seattleu.edu
Law Review 206.398.4275 sulawrev@seattleu.edu
Library 206.398.4220 lawreference@seattleu.edu
Moot Court 206.398.4345 morganga@seattleu.edu
Registrar 206.398.4150 lawreg@seattleu.edu
Seattle Journal for Social Justice 206.398.4988 sjsj@seattleu.edu
Student Affairs 206.398.4307 dcdeming@seattleu.edu
Student Bar Association 206.398.4328 sba@seattleu.edu
Student Financial Services 206.398.4250 lawfa@seattleu.edu
Technology 206.398.4178 lawhelp@seattleu.edu

For a comprehensive directory of programs visit Office and Administration or the Faculty and Staff Directory.